Thursday, August 28, 2008

Andy Finkle (About Me )

I consult within the "social media and consumer software" space. I have created tremendous value for businesses and companies I have worked for and those where I provided consulting services. I generally surround myself with savvy/smart people that I can learn from and which I can debate and collaborate with. I am available on a consultative basis or as a full time hire. Here are a few examples of past consulting projects:

As the 1st hire at RoboForm and for a 4 year stretch I headed up all marketing and business development. I helped garnish a 90% share of the consumer password management market with more than 15 million downloads. I achieved this by discovering new ancillary revenue streams such as a paid search partnership with Yahoo. I negotiated strategic partnerships with companies such as Sandisk. I led the development of new products and was instrumental in identifying new areas for making the software more viral. Ultimately resulting in improved sales funnel (customer experience for shopping online) & enhanced UI.

Business & Product strategy for where I helped TT to become the most popular software download on CNET’s Mobile category.

I am available to assist companies with its UI, sales funnel and online messaging. I provide assistance with writing business and/or marketing plans and help businesses in raising capital. Services include identification of the best suited strategic partners, negotiating for best terms, and closing the deal. I provide strategic planning for next product/generation or start-up in your respective market(s) and advise on what features and functionality are needed. I can manage your Public Relations strategy. Services include recommendation for where to advertise online and how much to spend. I am an effective and proven negotiator and able to secure excellent rates. I advise on how to make products more viral. I consult on development for successful "social media" strategy.

I understand the complexities and nuances of web interaction and would like to help YOU succeed!

My blog, Random Thoughts on Marketing provides lots of material and insight. Hopefully you will find value from the intellectual property aggregated there.

How can we mutually benefit? You can teach me what you know, tell me who you are, and what you are involved in. I'd like to hear about your needs and how I can help. You can find me on or let’s exchange Tweets on Twitter .

A more formal version of my resume can be found here.

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